Sunday, May 11, 2014

Inve$ting in Myself

Last week I was lamenting to a friend about a situation I am engulfed in which has really consumed me. She gave me a piece of advice which resonated with me, "Invest in Yourself."  Focusing on oneself can seem counter-intuitive sometimes.  I was raised to 'put others before myself.'  Shouldn't I be worried about others before I worry about myself?  As educators, our students come first.  But, if we aren't taking care of ourselves, how can we help them?  In friendships, how can we be a listening ear or a 'shoulder to cry on' if we aren't working on ourselves first.  In relationships, if we aren't taking care of our own issues, how can we help our significant others become better people?

So, this weekend, instead of worrying about what will become of my situation, I'm investing in myself. I'm doing activities that I want to do, that will better me, ones that make me feel accomplished.  I'm redirecting.  Because, ultimately, when I invest in myself, I can be a more effective person, whether in education, friendships, or love.

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