Saturday, March 8, 2014

9 Fun Activities for Teachers during Spring Break

#9: Hang out with friends (used with permission from M. Vandagriff)

***Updated 3/14/14: I wanted to document what I have completed, mostly for my own "journaling" purposes.

I was inspired my Matt's post about fun activities to do with your kids during Spring Break.  So, I thought it would be fun to create my own list of fun activities that teachers can do during their time off.

1.  Pick a recipe from Pinterest and make it!

During the school year, I never have time to actually make recipes from Pinterest.  One of my goals is to make a recipe I pinned on Pinterest.  I just created a new Clean Eating board so I have some fun new recipes.
I was so excited to make a recipe yesterday for Chipotle Sweet Potato Quinoa Tacos.  I didn't have all of the ingredients, but it was oh-so-yummy and healthy.  It's the first time I have made quinoa, and it surely will not be the last.

Right before I put the filling in the tacos.

2.  Go to a movie.

One of my favorite pastimes-- I love the movies because I can zone out.  And, there's popcorn.
I saw Non-Stop on Saturday night.  I love relaxing at the movies, and I was absolutely relaxed because I just had a massage before that.

3.  Go on a field trip.

Teachers need field trips, too.  Why not choose a place you've never visited and go there?  Who knows? It could a place you want to investigate for a future class trip.  I'm excited about going with the Bug to the Dallas Aquarium on Monday with her class.
We went on Monday to the the aquarium.  The kids really enjoyed it.  The last time I went was on a trip with my 3rd graders at a previous school.

Sara, Me, Bug, Hen, and Andrew at the Dallas World Aquarium

4.  Take time to explore a new app or web tool.

It seems as though we never have enough time for exploration. Why not pick a tool and get to know it? I'm looking forward to having time to work with Explain Everything.  It's one of the few paid apps we purchased for every one of our school iPad minis.
Sierra and I are working on a project from our trip to the aquarium.  I'm also going to help my friend today with homeschooling her 4 girls.  I'm hoping to explore several "newer" (to me) apps.

5.   Create & Submit a proposal for a conference.

Our district just issued their call for presenters for the annual Learning Institute in August so that is one I will be drafting.  Why not submit a proposal for Podstock or Coppell ISD's Design Techniques for Technology Integration?

6.  Work out!

I'm looking forward to not having to rush through my workout!
Surprisingly, I have been every day to the gym.   I even took the kids to the park twice!  I think it's due, in part, to my new Fitbit.

Hen and Bug at the park.

7.  Relax (get a massage or pedicure).

It's so important to take some time for yourself.  Keeping your tanks full helps you serve the needs of your kids better.
My wonderful masseur always does a wonderful job of releasing all my tight spots!

8. Write a blogpost.

My colleague, Suellen, and I were discussing blogging last week at a training.  She is a veteran ITS, but she doesn't blog.  I believe she is at the point where she should be sharing her knowledge.  Don't just curate and take from the Internets--give back and share with others! Don't have a blog? Why not start one? If you do, share something you are learning as a professional.
I think I've blogged more this week than all time.

9.  Go out for coffee (or lunch or to a Dueling Piano Bar) with a friend or two.

Whether you like to stay low-key or hit the local club, this is another activity that usually helps "fill up your tanks" so you will be ready for your students.
Does going to Costco with my friend Sara count?

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