Friday, July 18, 2014

I Vow

My mom on our Aruban vacation in June 2013

This week was rough.

It was a reminder to live abundantly, love generously, and laugh more.  When you experience a traumatic event, whether it involves loss of life or not, you are changed.  My mom went in for 'routine' hip replacement surgery on Tuesday.  While in a math training at my district, I received this message from my Dad: On operating table, turned blue, cpr, assisted breathing, touch and go...

One short text reduced me to a puddle of tears.  I'm thankful for friends who were praying for her and our family.  I'm thankful for my mentor who prayed with me, for my brother who called to apologize for a years-long estrangement, for my aunt and cousin who went to be with her in the hospital, for people around the world that were praying (Cameroon, Honduras, Canada, UK, Nigeria), and for a good friend who kept reassuring me that 'It'll be fine.'

I vow to live my life abundantly, to love my friends and family generously, and to laugh and enjoy life. I vow to tell people I love them more, even if it makes them uncomfortable.  I vow to spend more time with those I love and invest in our relationships, even when we are all busy.

This week is getting better.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Libros para los niños de Honduras

A few books for IVA

 A Book Drive for Instituto Vida Abundante

This past February dear friends of mine opened a school in a very remote region of Honduras.  It's been truly a labor of love as they have had to coordinate the construction of the building, all the details of opening a new school, hiring teachers, finding sponsors for 60 students, schedules, and purchasing laptops.  

In the past few months one of the major obstacles has been the lack of reading materials in Spanish. Myself and others have sent books when we can.  Half Price Books and Scholastic Book Fairs have been where I usually find books in Spanish.  Then, we've had to coordinate sending them down to Honduras.  

Well, I decided it was time to hold a Book Drive for Instituto Vida Abundante.  So here goes...

I will be collecting books in Spanish--any level--starting now.  If you are in Texas, I will probably be at EdCamp FTWX and EdCamp Dallas so I can pick them up from you. Otherwise, you can email at me or DM me on the Twitters.  If you are out of state, I will send my mailing address when you contact me.  

I'd appreciate anyone who can Retweet this and share it with friends.  Maybe someone would take it on as a school service project.  Thank you for investing in the children of Honduras!


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